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01-01-2016 - Event
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Join us at SITL 2016 from March 22 to 25 2016 stand at G55 - Hall 6, Paris Nord Villepinte
2013 - New Product: MDT 512

About Eliot

Eliot SA's expertise comes from over 10 years of experience in the design and production of On Board Telematic Products and Solutions specifically applied to the Transport, Logistics and Industrial sectors.

Eliot's team of highly qualified experts have developed a wide range of features and services (associated with secure information flow management (dedicated hub)) to meet a vast range of specific needs.

The processing of data on a daily basis and in real time coupled with the integration of the data within its customers TMS or other software operational solution enables Eliot to be considered as a major actor within the scetor.

With Eliot solutions

  • CONTROL the activity of your employees in real time.
  • IMPROVE the quality of your services to your end customer and the efficiency of your operations both in terms of load and Driver management.
  • COMPLY with the legislative deadlines for data collection "smart card".
  • MONITOR the fleet movements (vehicles, trailors, and associated personnel) in real time.
  • OPTIMIZE routing and journey times with the use of navigation tools (Options: Restrictions for Heavyweight trucks ...).
  • CONTROL compliance with given instructions. ALERT for non respect of procedues via SMS, email or web consultation.
  • SEND transport orders direct via your TMS (Transport Information System) and view their progress.
  • STUDY profitability at customer sites (downtime, loading-time, waiting time, etc....)

ELIOT SA | ZAC de champfeuillet - 8 rue Leon Beridot - 38500 VOIRON | +33 (0)4 76 93 49 00